Welcome to Kyoto!

This year we are happy to be able to present a new tradition—a World Shakuhachi Festival—and to invite shakuhachi lovers from all corners of the globe to Kyoto.  As the capital of Japan for 1200 years, Kyoto has cultivated a wide diversity of arts.  Even today Kyoto is called the heart and soul of Japan’s culture.  In the daily life of its citizens, Kyoto’s artistic tradition exerts an elegant and delicate presence, like a silk brocade.  We hope that all participants, aficionados and performers alike, will be inspired to take advantage of this rare opportunity to make friends, renew a sense of professional camaraderie, and deepen an appreciation of this unique instrument and its rich heritage at the 2012 World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto.

Kyoto welcomes you!

The Executive Committee of the 2012 World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto


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